Ordination: The second day of the ordination, 1987

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Ordination: The second day of the ordination, 1987




The second day of the ordination begins after the usual daily prayer and noon meal. John Massey dresses into the outfit he wore the previous day and the lay women offer the individual members of the laity flowers and candles and three sticks of incense in preparation for the procession that is the next step in the ordination ceremony. The laity begins to assemble outside the temple and John's robes are placed in a silver tray which will be balanced on the head of a lay woman who will lead the procession at John's side. The Konrope Trie described earlier (see the full chapter on the Ordination of the Novice Monk) is placed over the robes. Participation in the ordination is considered to be a valuable means of earning merit especially to those who are directly involved, such as the woman carrying the tray.

Ordination of Novice Monk, photograph 15 of 30, from Cambodian Traditional Crafts and Religious Ceremonies.

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