Kite Making: Soeun Tim readies the kite's vibrating ribbon, 1987

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Kite Making: Soeun Tim readies the kite's vibrating ribbon, 1987




Soeun Tim readies the kite's vibrating ribbon for stringing to the bow. Like the other bamboo splits used to make the wings, the vibrating ribbon was shaved down with a knife. However, to make the strip flexible enough to vibrate it had to be honed down much more than the other pieces until it was nearly as thin as a sheet of paper. This can be difficult and painful for the craftsman since the friction generated by repeatedly pulling the bamboo ribbon between the knife and his finger can burn his skin. The thin ribbon is also notched at the ends and looped and hooked with the cord that will be strung to the bow piece which has similar notches. As was previously explained, the string can be restrung on the bow to adjust the tension.

Kate Making, photograph 12 of 19, from Cambodian Traditional Crafts and Religious Ceremonies.

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Chigas, George, “Kite Making: Soeun Tim readies the kite's vibrating ribbon, 1987,” Southeast Asian Digital Archive, accessed June 22, 2024,

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